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Racket Restringing
Rich's restringing price list

Broken a string or want to refresh your racket ?

Have your racket restrung by one of Hanworth's squash coaches.

You can choose your tension from 20 to 30lbs, and all your racket details recorded for repeats.

I stock strings from Ashaway, Prince and Technifibre.

Ashaway Powernick 18 Red - a good thin string - you lose less power from string air resistance and the lower weight. Ages quickly, and not as durable as thicker strings.

Ashaway Supernick XL Pro Blue - a raspy surface grabs the ball well if you like to try putting slice on your drops.

Ashaway Ultranick Green - My favourite string - nice and plunky on non-throated rackets, and plenty of power when new. The outer layer does not enjoy bending under tension - it feels too plasticky to crack - but it hasn't broken on me yet.

Dunlop Silk - I have a couple of samples but I haven't tried this string yet.

Prince Synthetic Gut 16 - A thicker standard string - durable, but don't expect too much. I use this as a thin tennis string too.

Prince Synthetic Gut 17 - A standard string - reliable, but does not excel.

Technifibre 305 - The great green, the best a few years back - extra power from medium shots before it ages, but has broken early in a few cases.

Technifibre DNAMax - Sleek and black, this is still the top choice string for many, especially for throated rackets like Carboflex and Titan.

I string my own rackets with Ashaway strings, and I prefer the yellow/green Ultranick. I like non-throated rackets, and I find that the plunkyness of the shot you get from most rackets of this shape matches this string well. Most Ashaway strings have a textured surface that I like, as opposed to the smoothness of the top of the range Technifibre strings.

Note that while a smooth string will generally keep its pattern well, a textured string can move in the bed and stick there, reacting to any side force on impact that results if you have a tendency to consistently boast, or to play with slice or top in your shot.

Standard price Price
Prince Synthetic Gut string gauge 16 - strong, durable £22
Extras Extra
Technifibre strings gauge 17 - 305 or DnaMx £6
Ashaway strings gauge 17 - Powernick or Supernick £6
Ashaway string gauge 18 - Ultranick £6
Extra throated rackets £2
Supply and fit Karakal grip £3
Grommet strip fit (allow one week) £5
Next day (not Fri - Sat) £2
Special delivery to Hanworth £2
Reductions Less
Junior Hanworth players £5
Fit strings to new rackets £3

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